Tourism Development

Tourism Development and Management

We offer an integrated approach in tourism development which involves conducting research and feasibility studies, destination assessment, engaging stakeholder participation, drawing up of master-plans, continous research for more discoveries of tourism products, providing business development solutions e.g drawing up of business plans, personnel training etc. We also manage tourist facilities and projects.

Urban Renewal and Redevelopment

Beautiful cities and destinations the world over understand that the secret of attracting domestic and international tourists is the ability to pull demand through unique value offerings and provision of functional facilities and a safe and aesthetic environment. Hence our company sets out to rebuild, redevelop, beautify and renew cities and destinations for our clients.

Infrastructure Development

Through the services of our sister { construction } company Desigo Atlantic Limited we employ green architecture and eco solutions in building of hotels, lodges, resorts , parks, gardens and also see to the provision of other key infrastructure e.g roads , water, power, telecommunications, ICT etc. for the facilities.

Tourism Product Branding

We help our clients to package and position their products through strategic branding from logos, colours, themes, websites to printing of marketing literature, brochures, calendars, billboards etc.

Attracting Tourism Investment and Sponsorship

We interface between our clients and our partners, investors and sponsors in the funding and development of tourism projects and sponsorship of events. We leverage on our partnerships to raise the profile of the tourism products and their host communities.

Tourism Events Management and Promotion

Our company also offers services in management and promotion of culture and tourism events, seminars, competition, summits, festivals, carnivals, conferences etc. We initiate events to promote tourism projects, products and destinations e.g Some of our projects include Youth Tourism Connect essay competition, Ikogosi Warm Spring Agri-carnival etc.

Media, Public Relations and Advertising Solutions

Every brand understands the importance of communication hence we target significant audience of our clients and through traditional and social media help them communicate their messages to their target markets. We package tourism products in documentaries, campaigns, t.v programmes, movies, magazines etc.

Tour Packages

We organise tour packages to suit the various needs of our target markets. From school/ educational tours to business/conference tours, seminars, holidays/vacation, honeymoon, adventure, heritage, ecotourism, slave – root packages.

International Cooperation and Development

There is a strong alignment between our business interests and development objectives hence our company is open to collaboration and partnerships with home based and foreign companies and organizations, foreign missions and agencies in creating solutions to tackling poverty and development challenges in Nigeria and Africa. We leverage the expertise, and resources of our partners to accelerate solutions to development challenges through tourism.