Our Founder

Abigail Adesina Olagbaye is the founder and the MD/CEO of Desigo Tourism Development and Facility Management Company Limited. She had always envisioned a continent where the land and the people are economically prosperous and empowered.

Her vision for Africa’s tourism development and promotion dates back to 2005 when she set up Desigo Nigeria, an events management company to promote arts, culture and tourism.
Abigail Adesina Olagbaye who was Miss Tourism Nigeria 2005 set up Desigo Tourism Development & Facility Management Company Limited out of identified prospects of tourism and her passion to discover, develop, promote and market tourism products and provide eco- friendly solutions in cleaning and maintenance services for built and natural environment in Nigeria and in Africa.

Abigail is a graduate of English from the University of Ilorin and a masters degree holder in Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos. She is a professional with training in management, communications, marketing, P.R and sustainable tourism.

A note from the founder

As a young Nigerian girl growing up in Africa, I observed our environment, our culture, our people, our challenges, our struggles, our successes, our cultural and natural heritages as a people with diverse ethnicities and cultural divides and I concluded that though Africa has treaded a long tortuous path of history, we still hold in custody some of the world’s most outstanding tourism products in human history. This awareness provided a connection and awakening for my artistic and creative instincts and laid a foundation for my passion for culture and tourism.

Indeed our historical, cultural and natural landscape showcase our history and endowments as a people however, we must proceed from here to developing our heritage and building our infrastructure. We must invest in our youths, we have to create and execute projects that will develop tourism in Nigeria and Africa and generate greater global interest that will drive local and international tourist traffic to experience the beauty and essence of our tourism products.

We need finance, we need development, we need partnerships, we need local participation and international cooperation that can through tourism boost our economy, eradicate poverty, provide jobs, empower our youths and women, improve the quality of life, open up our communities to sustainable development and eco solutions and standardize our comparative advantages in accordance to best global practices and competitiveness.

Hence I present to you Desigo company, a company that truly represents these ideals with offerings and services to actualize these aspirations.