Who We Are

Desigo Tourism Development and Facility Management company RC 1306829 originated as Desigo Nigeria which was registered in 2005. The company later incorporated in December 2015 as a limited liability company to offer products and services in tourism development and facility management.

Tourism Development

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world today generating revenue and jobs in both skilled and unskilled market and contributing immensely to the GDP of countries. According to reports by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, Over one billion international tourists travelled the world in 2014, supporting jobs, generating income and boosting development with international tourism currently accounting for 10% of global GDP and 1 in every 11 jobs.

At Desigo Tourism Development and Facility Management Company Limited we are dedicated to turning the awesome culture and tourism potentials in Nigeria and Africa into global brands and tangible wealth. We are fully committed to providing services and initiatives that will further develop, project, promote and sustain Nigeria and Africa’s tourism potentials. We do this through an integrated approach in site development, events, tours, special projects and initiatives, competitions, t.v shows, publications, campaign etc. These drives hold a promise of empowering the people, developing communities and boosting the tourism industry as we promote and project positive highlights on Nigeria and Africa to the global village.

Facility Management

At Desigo we also strongly believe that tourism and environment are very closely related. Our Eco solutions and sustainability approach in facility management for indoor and outdoor built- up and natural environments puts us at an edge beyond and above others.